Working at Union Street


Working with us promises exciting challenges, great rewards, and the chance to really improve the lives of Londoners. But that’s not all. At the GLA, you can expect fantastic working conditions, a competitive salary, generous pension schemes and annual leave.

Here’s a bit more detail around what’s on offer:



London’s diversity is its biggest asset. It’s something we aim to reflect in our workforce, at every level. That makes the Greater London Authority a fascinating place to work.

Here, you’ll find people from a wide range of backgrounds and professions. It’s somewhere our colleagues bring lots of different skills, interests and experiences to their work. To keep it that way, we’re committed to making sure that City Hall is a workplace where every employee is treated with respect.

Find out more information about our commitment and our approach to equality on the GLA website.


Team spirit

At Housing and Land, we’ve worked hard to create a working environment we can be proud of. We’re collaborative, open and we value collective responsibility. We make sure to support each other, regardless of experience or job title. On top of this, we’re passionate about our work and determined to build a better London for everyone.

When it comes to our work, we’re efficient and effective. We’re always willing to look at alternative solutions to get things done. You may be surprised at what we’ve achieved and how quickly we can achieve it.

What’s more, we trust each other. Our teams are given the freedom to plan their workload use their initiative.


Professional challenge

With us, getting involved in new areas of work is all part of the job and not an add-on. From day one, we’ll encourage you to learn new approaches and build strong relationships with our partners and colleagues across the GLA.

We’ll make a real effort to understand your skills and put you forward for work that suits you. Even at a junior level, there are opportunities to get involved in different aspects of work that you find interesting.

We’ve also put in place a solid framework for learning and development, and we’re building up an excellent online learning resource. This is backed up by a learning and development budget and frequent training sessions. There’s also a structured mentoring programme, where you have the opportunity to become either a mentor or a mentee.


Flexible working

As an employer, we’ve found that the benefits of flexible working touch everyone. From increasing an individual’s motivation, to impacting positively on an entire team. That makes it great for City Hall – and even better for London.

It’s why we give our colleagues every chance to work flexibly. And, in a way that suits their lifestyle and commitments. You’ll find that most roles at City Hall are open to flexible working, depending on the needs of your team and the job itself.

We’re proud to work with Timewise to attract and develop talent through flexible and part-time working options.